Why you should gift yourself Underthing today

Talk about Self-Love

Kendra Austin for Underthing

Kendra Austin for Underthing

Valentine’s Day: the holiday where one seeks a love interest and shares the day together doing romantic activities. A more cynical description could be that time of year where companies exploit love by overly promoting to the consumer to get their loved one ‘perfect gift,’ especially for lingerie brands. Let’s face it, the mass majority of lingerie brands aren’t marketing to the consumers who would be wearing their product: the woman. They’re reaching out to the misogynists of the world who have a very skewed, cryptic ideology of what sexy is and want to see their women wear it for them. While the language of the campaigns read ‘a gift for her,’ they’re actually subliminally talking to the men saying ‘a gift for you.’

What about the brands that promote to us, women, wearing the lingerie? The brands promoting us to wear lingerie for ourselves on Valentine’s Day?


Underthing is one of those lingerie brands doing just that. Owned by young tech-coding Black woman Kyla Brown, Underthing was created off the strength of providing affordable lingerie to her consumer while simultaneously promoting the intersectionality of sensuality and nourishment of the self; aka sexual wellness. Underthing prides itself in being a real women’s brand for Brown’s mission is to continue to promote a movement catering to a marginalized group of women to find their own sexy.

It’s not too often we come across lingerie brands who encourage us to wear lingerie to get in tuned with our sexual wellness journey. Kyla states in an interview for the Haus “I do think lingerie is an accessible point for us to start having these conversations...lingerie isn’t something you have to do just because you have a boyfriend now…” Growing up, we, as women, were told certain things aren’t ‘ladylike.’ We weren’t allowed to have conversations about masturbation, sexual activity, and what makes us feel good. Sexual wellness is an essential element to practicing self-care. Underthing encourages women to wear lingerie for themselves when they’re lounging around the house, drinking a glass of wine, or reading a novel to begin this practice. With brands like Underthing rising to the surface, it’s catering to the feminist movement and encouraging women to explore this element of self-care for themselves.


Underthing embodies the true definition of a woman’s brand. It targets to all types of women ready to embark on their journey. It doesn’t make its market exclusionary to type of woman; Underthing is for any woman wanting to wear lingerie for herself. When asked the question on creating a Thick Collection, Kyla states “this was never a pivot...this was more a ‘women come in all shapes and sizes.’ If you do not cater to all shapes and sizes, you are not a Woman’s brand. You are a Skinny Woman’s brand.’ With brands like Victoria’s Secret making statements on why they don’t cater to all types of woman, Underthing bridges that gap by making an inclusive platform where all women can go to and relate.

So, for this Valentine’s Day, why not make the holiday about you? Get Sexy For Yourself.