A Hair Care Line for my Black Girl PATTERN

Founded by the illustrious Tracee Ellis Ross, PATTERN Beauty is a new hair brand targeting 3B to 4C hair textures.

Products from PATTERN Beauty line, image via Allure

Products from PATTERN Beauty line, image via Allure

This morning, Tracee Ellis Ross made an announcement via social media on the launching of her new hair care line PATTERN Beauty. What’s more exciting is that the new brand embodies a tendency to target women with naturally curly/coiled hair. With the product being released next week (September 09, 2019), PATTERN was strategically produced to target women with hair textures ranging from 3B - 4C.

PATTERN Beauty is a vision Ms. Ross had for over a span of two generations. Her sentiments on being influenced by societal beauty standards resonates with any young Black girl who has struggled to love their pattern. Three days prior, Ms. Ross actually decided to share her personal journeys of self-acceptance and embracing her own hair texture with her audience - an experience, I believe, ALL women with these types of textures can find relative. 

“growing up, society told me there was a right way to wear my hair and a right way to look. those ideals didn’t match what i saw in the mirror, so i tried to beat my curls into submission”
— Tracee Ellis Ross, Instagram

We are currently living in an era where influential Black celebrities are taking the initiative to put on for their communities; they are aiming to mind the gap by servicing the marginalized by introducing brands with us in mind. (So much so, brands like Suave Beauty are aiming to tap into the Black market as well). With Jackie Aina releasing eyeshadow palettes for brown to dark pigmented skin just last month, Ms. Ross launching a hair care line for my Black girl PATTERN is just another reassuring example proving that Black people are continuously shaking the table in beauty and fashion.

PATTERN Beauty will be available next week for purchase and the launch includes a shampoo, conditioners, oil serums, a brush, hair clip and a microfiber towel. To sign up for the updates, visit PatternBeauty.com.