Our Friends in New York

The importance of community.

Last month, Kerby of Pyer Moss opened up his home studio to the community for a chance to participate in his impromptu fashion campaign for Collection 2. Just recently, the images of this Open Studio campaign were released to the public; images were shot by Kerby Jean-Raymond himself. Figures in attendance include fashion models JoAni Johnson and Chavi St. Hill, shoe designer Aurora James as well as others within the Pyer Moss family. According to teenVogue, the aim of Collection 2 is to epitomize the meaning of Black Love and illustrate the normalities of Black American Life. Opening up his studio to the public not only granted an opportunity for supporters and fans to engage with the brand but it was an intimate moment for Kerby to interact and develop rapport with his community. 

Images by Kerby Jean-Raymond with Amandla Baraka.


Black buying power has been proven to be the most prominent driving factors in economy, and yet, has still been associated as most fashion companies’ bottom line. While certain brands are doing their due diligence by casting models with Afros to be in their fashion campaigns, it is now going to take more than just the ‘cool factor’ to gain the attention of Black consumers, the community requires your business motives to be multicultural as well. As reported by Nielsen last year, research has proven that around 40% of African American shoppers anticipate the brands they by into to support social causes. As Black consumers, we aren’t just socially responsible when it comes to purchasing but, also, extremely loyal to brands who are aligned with our personal views. It is important for brands to genuinely engage with their consumers, develop relatable content, and grow a sense of trust with their markets. As evident with the most recent tone-deaf notions of a plethora of Western European fashion houses, Black consumers have no hesitation with moving on from a brand who disvalues their trust and appreciating the ones they don’t. 

The image branding of Pyer Moss always had an aim to tell the story of the Black American and create a dialogue revolving around the social construct of the African diaspora. The Open Studio campaign was a notion to create an authentic environment for his family; for us to feel like we’re a part of the brand’s journey. Thanks, Kerby, for always putting us first.